AEE Solar Dealer Conference 2015

by Sequoya Cross on March 16, 2015

Balboa Part- San Diego - Solar Panel Kits - Backwoods Solar

AEE Dealer Conference held this year in sunny San Diego

Backwoods Solar’s Co-Owner, Sequoya Cross, was fortunate this year to be able to attend the AEE Solar Dealer Conference in San Diego. Held almost every year this conference is a chance for those in the industry to sharpen their knowledge and network with others.  Over the course of three days Sequoya met with a variety of the Backwoods Solar vendors, learned about upcoming new product changes and innovations, watched demonstrations, and sat in on a three hour course on 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) changes that will affect the solar industry.

If you were not able to attend here are some of the highlights. From REC Group, and manufactured in Singapore, comes the new Twin Peak 120 cell module. The Twin Peak includes typical solar cells which have been cut in half and then wired into two parallel 60 cell groups within one frame to increase the power density of the modules. This seemed like an interesting and new take on efficiency gain.

Morningstar's Solar Module - Backwoods Solar

Inside look at Morningstar’s Latest and Greatest!

Morningstar spent some time chatting with Sequoya about their soon to be released 600V charge controller and DC Coupling enclosure. Join us when we will be co-hosting a webinar with Morningstar on March 25th 10am PST. We would love to share this information with our customers. If you are interested in learning what Sequoya found out in regards to DC coupling….register here .

Conference attendees were treated early one morning to an excursion out on the Marina to see a demo hosted by Brian Teitelbaum of AEE Solar. Brian demonstrated the features of the Aquatech DC Direct Pump. The crowd, which mostly deals with grid-connected homes, was full of questions about the wonders of DC Direct applications. Brian did a wonderful job of showing the simplicity and efficiency of such a system, even in the low morning light not to mention a great opportunity to stress the importance of module tilt angle.

How Solar Direct Water Pumping Works - Backwoods Solar

Brian shows the crowd how solar direct water pumping works.


Later that same morning, and after many cups of coffee, Sequoya managed to hang in for a few hours of discussion with Bill Brooks on the recent changes in the NEC Code that will directly affect the solar industry and those that will not. Here is a quick link to chew on some of that code: It was an interesting take on the very important yet dry language content. As always Bill had a way of livening it up. Thank you to AEE and participating vendors for an informative and engaging dealer conference in beautiful San Diego. Backwoods Solar looks

2014 NEC Code - Solar Panels - Backwoods Solar

Bill Brooks and the 2014 NEC Code

forward to the next one!


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